Who Should Use Timeshare Relief?

Timeshare Relief, IncWith over 20,000 timeshare owners taking advantage of the service that Timeshare Relief offers, the now 5 year old exit strategy for timeshare owners is a proven & guaranteed path to timeshare freedom. It’s no longer in the laboratory being tested and refined.  It works and our clients love what we do for them.

Many Timeshare Relief clients were part of a silent majority of timeshare owners who simply wanted out of their timeshare contract(s).  Some tried to sell their timeshares by working with listing companies or real estate agents who supposedly were timeshare industry experts.  Most lost money by paying upfront fees without any guarantee of success.  Listing companies simply wrote one line listings among the tens of thousands of timeshares up for sale, thereby wasting the timeshare owners time and money.

Others tried not paying only to have their credit dinged or liens placed on real property, not their timeshare.  Funny how that works.  If you don’t pay your mortgage on your home, the lien is on your home.  Doesn’t work that way in the timeshare industry.

Donations to charities often were greeted with a “Thanks, but no thanks” polite refusal.

So, these timeshare owners resigned themselves to paying the maintenance fees and special assessments with no where else to turn — until they found Timeshare Relief.

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