Who Shouldn’t Use Timeshare Relief…

With the sheer number of timeshares out there and with developers building new resorts at breakneck speed, the likelihood of being able to sell your timeshare in the future is murky. It’s a situation where there are too many timeshares out there and not enough buyers.

But why are so many being built then? Doesn’t that mean that people are buying them like crazy?! Sure – they buy when they are enjoying all the benefits AT the timeshare. The timeshare companies have large marketing budgets to wine and dine potential buyers. We’ve all seen the bribes of free trips and gifts in order to attend presentations. The sales staff and managers are all well trained. So, when timeshare owners want to resell their timeshare, do they even have a chance competing with these large corporations?

The situation is not unlike the recent housing bust. Developers try to quickly build in order to take advantage of a wave of buying. It may work for some time before the economy shifts and everyone realizes that too many units were built. The market is flooded with inventory just sitting there. It’s difficult to sell and buyers don’t materialize even for the companies that specialize in professional sales.

The point is this. When trying to resell a timeshare, it tends to be much more difficult next to impossible (depending on the week you have and where the resort is located). And it’s already getting harder every day.

For now, if you are enjoying the use of your timeshare and you can afford the maintenance fees and special assessments, it’s not time to use Timeshare Relief. But, if your situation changes, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll provide you with more information so that you can make a more informed decision.

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