Timeshare Relief, Inc. Featured on “Eye on America”

Timeshare Relief Eye on America“Eye on America”, the CBS series recently featured Timeshare Relief, Inc. (TSR) in an episode entitled “Innovative Timeshare Solutions.” The nationally broadcast television special is part of the show’s series, “Eye on Travel,” and highlighted TSR as a solution to the problems of the timeshare industry.

Despite the size of the timeshare market (U.S. timeshare industry sales totaled $10.6 billion in 2007 alone, with 4.4 million households owning one or more weekly intervals), two thirds of all timeshare owners find their timeshares to be more of a financial liability than an asset. TSR was created to help these owners by providing an intelligent exit strategy that alleviates distressed timeshare owners of unwanted resorts. Clients of TSR are relieved of their timeshare contracts which include all future annual maintenance fees, property taxes, and special assessments.

The founders of Timeshare Relief, David MacMillan and Cindy Martin, are former timeshare owners who struggled to get rid of their Las Vegas timeshare. Through their experience they realized that there were numerous people in the U.S. seeking a way out of timeshare contracts that had become little more than financial burdens.

Cindy Martin explained that TSR prides itself on providing a “100% guaranteed exit strategy” to their clients. For past TSR clients, this guarantee was more than just an assurance – it enabled them to be relieved of a contract and a very real financial burden that had them locked into maintenance fees for perpetuity.

Marcus Gillette, Sr. V.P. of Sales for Timeshare Relief was also featured in the special and relayed the successes that TSR and its staff have had since its foundation in 2004. “Over the years we’ve saved people millions of dollars in their maintenance fees, property taxes and special assessments. For those of us who have been out in the field and have had the opportunity to work directly with the people – helping them get out of these contracts – the joy and the gratitude [that we have] received make this job so much fun for us to do.”

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