In Case You Need a Little More Convincing That Reselling Your Timeshare Isn’t The Best Idea…

Back in July we posted “Who Should Use Timeshare Relief?” and wrote about the silent majority of timeshare buyers who want out of their timeshare contracts. We also mentioned how many buyers pay a listing company to sell their timeshares but find this to be nothing more than a waste of money when their timeshares don’t sell. A listing company will take an upfront listing fee to list your timeshare merely as a one line listing among thousands of other timeshares. The market is flooded with unwanted timeshares making it almost impossible, and definitely expensive, to try and resell a timeshare on the resale market.

One popular timeshare listing company currently has 30,276 unwanted timeshares listed on their website. And this is just ONE timeshare listing company! If this isn’t proof of just how flooded the timeshare resale market is with unwanted units then I don’t what is.

Our advice: Save your money, time and sanity and AVOID trying to list and resell your timeshare.  Work with our expert team at Timeshare Relief.

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