Timeshare Relief Dons Denim for a Cause

Employees participate in Lee National Denim Day®, one of the largest single-day fundraisers in the fight against breast cancer.

Torrance, CA (September 10, 2008) – October 6th won’t be any ordinary Monday at Timeshare Relief, Inc. The denim worn on this day will not only be worn for comfort, but it will also make a powerful statement for an important cause. As Lee National Denim Day moves into its thirteenth year, Timeshare Relief is gearing up to participate in this grassroots program which has raised more than $70 million for breast cancer research.

Participants at Timeshare Relief are encouraged to wear denim in exchange for a $5 donation to the Women’s Cancer Programs of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF). Funds raised support some of the most promising treatment and early detection research in the country, as well as the grassroots advocacy work of the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

“We’re always looking for interesting ways for our employees to get involved in fundraising activities,” said David MacMillan, President of Timeshare Relief. “Lee National Denim Day is easy and fun to do. Everyone gets to wear jeans to work in exchange for a $5 donation and the money helps fight breast cancer, a cause that is very important to many of our employees.”

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