Timeshare Relief Profile – Cindy Martin & Dave Macmillan

Timeshare Relief - David Macmillan and Cindy MartinCindy Martin and Dave MacMillan started Timeshare Relief, Inc. after their own experiences with timesharing opened their eyes to the flaws inherent in the timeshare industry.

Before taking on the role of President at Timeshare Relief, Dave worked as a research and development team leader for a well-known aerospace company for 17½ years. Cindy worked as a teacher and her penchant for public service soon brought her back to school, where she earned her Master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in special education and programs for assisting Autistic children. Dave and Cindy also exercised their entrepreneurial spirit over the years, maintaining several businesses in various industries.

Their story with timeshares began in 1999 when they unexpectedly wound up with a timeshare of their very “own” after a trip to Las Vegas. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get rid of it and after much investigation into the timeshare industry, Dave and Cindy realized that their experiences were far too common.

In 2004, they joined with a small team of like minded individuals and opened the doors of Timeshare Relief, Inc. Since those first days, they’ve become leaders in their field, and have proudly helped approximately 20,000 people rid themselves of unwanted timeshares.

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