Timeshare Relief Advice – Best Tip On How To Say No at a Timeshare Presentation

At Timeshare Relief we’ve encountered many timeshare owners with multiple timeshares.  Once a buyer, owners tend to like to buy more.  Timeshare sales people know this and love to see timeshare owners at their presentations. We cannot believe some of the numbers of timeshares people have purchased in the past.

Here’s the best tip in how to say “No” to offers by timeshare sales people at a presentation…

Ask that you take their documentation to your lawyer.

Timeshare sales people are trained to 1) never let you simply leave the room; 2) never let you take any documentation out of the room.  So, if you ask to take the paperwork out to show to your lawyer, you’ll set off all kinds of alarms in the heads of the salespeople.

Sure, they’ll ask you why you want to take it.  That you have a rescission period if you change your mind.  But if you just keep saying that you’d be more comfortable taking it to your lawyer, there’s really nothing they’ll be able to do about it.  And, don’t worry if you don’t have a lawyer…you can say that you’ll go find one  or you have a friend who knows one.

This objection also takes all the pressure off of you to keep saying “No.”  Salespeople are trained to overcome negative responses.  Eventually they can overcome almost every objection.  But the “take the documents out of the room” is a big no-no and can’t be done by the salespeople.  Why?  Our guess is that they don’t want their documents scrutinized by you, lawyers, news media and possibly the competition.

So, the next time you go to a timeshare presentation for a free prize, hold this objection “up your sleeve” so-to-speak.  It might still take you some time to get out of the presentation, but it’s one should ultimately get you out of that room.

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