Want to Really Enjoy a Timeshare? Consider Renting or Joining a Vacation Club

When you decide to buy a timeshare you are not simply paying in advance for future vacations you will inevitably take. Buying a timeshare locks you into a contract that is costly and inflexible should your travel plans change over the years.

So before diving into timeshare ownership it is worth taking a look at the other, less expensive and more flexible, vacation options available. There are so many great ways to enjoy a luxurious vacation without having to pay luxury prices.

Renting is the best way to enjoy all of the amenities of a timeshare. Instead of ownership where you are paying a high upfront cost, rising annual maintenance fees and special assessments for a timeshare that you may not use as often as you like (or hardly ever), renting a timeshare is like paying for a hotel room; requiring only that you pay for the accommodation when you use it. You can search a vast inventory of rental timeshares online.

For even more value when planning a vacation, consider joining a vacation club. One club in particular offers especially good value to members and allows membership to be canceled anytime without penalty. Carefree Journeys members can enjoy the flexibility of a staying in a timeshare when they want without the financial commitment tied to resort ownership. Reservations made through many vacation clubs can be done over the phone or through the clubs’ website. Carefree Journeys offers each member a personal vacation concierge to take care of everything from booking flights, renting cars, hotels or luxury resort accommodations, to making reservations at your favorite restaurant.

Whether you choose to rent a timeshare or join a vacation club you are inevitably going to get so much more value for your money than if you had committed to a timeshare contract.

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