Timeshare Relief Welcome George Zalucki on January 8, 2009

On January 8, 2009, George Zalucki, the internationally renowned personal development trainer, speaker and author will be speaking at Timeshare Relief Inc. to an audience of staff, business associates and invited guests.  The entire company is excited to hear from George and his insights into achieving success which he calls the Principals of Human Achievement.

Principals of Human Achievement

The foundation of these principals include integrity, personal responsibility, emotional mastery, truthful self analysis,  and the power of thought. George has developed these Principals over years of research in the psychology of success and personal experience of building flourishing businesses for himself and thousands of others.

About Mr. George Zalucki

After overcoming polio at a young age, George went on to play sports and was granted a full scholarship to Providence College for basketball.   After graduating, George followed his passion for research and study in the field of motivational psychology into teaching. He later served as a Dean at two Senior Colleges of Business. During the same years, he developed a model probation and counseling department in the State of Michigan. George achieved all of this before launching into a career in Marketing and Sales.

From these experiences and his business accomplishments, George has learned the skills and principles that individuals can apply and use to build successful careers and attain their personal goals.

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