Timeshare Relief – Some Clients Become Staff

How do you know that a company does the right thing?  Certainly many people do some research with the Better Business Bureau.  Or, you can hear from people who have done business with the company.  But one interesting twist would be to discover that former clients become staff members for the company!

Because Timeshare Relief has truly helped people, some in extraordinarily bad situations, the company on occasion has received requests to join the company.  The experiences of some former clients have instilled a passion and commitment to help others in similar situations.  So, they want to carry on the message and allow Timeshare Relief help others as it has helped them.

You may have seen the video by Janice Borst-Smith in the testimonials section of the Timeshare Relief website.  Janice had inherited a timeshare and all its associated fees.  She and her family were grateful for the service that Timeshare Relief offered to be finally rid of the timeshare, so much so that they decided to be part of the company.  You’ll see her picture on the home page.

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