Generational Timeshare Ownership

One of the benefits touted by timeshare salespeople is the generational ownership aspect of timeshares:

“You can will it to your children so they can continue to make fond memories at your favorite vacation spot.”

Go ahead and pass on the timeshare.  It’s a keepsake.  Your children can say “it’s been in our family for years” like an heirloom or beloved pet.

What’s not said…

  • The maintenance fees will increase – Your children will be paying a significantly higher MF than you ever did.
  • The resort will decline in quality – You may have enjoyed the resort in its heyday, but your children will probably see it during its decay.
  • Your children will inherit a contract that will require that they pay the maintenance fees regardless of whether they want the timeshare or not.  You will be passing on a financial burden.

The best gift will be to be rid of the timeshare and allow your children to make their own financial and vacationing decisions.

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