Timeshare Relief CEO Jade Crittenden

One of the main reasons of the success of Timeshare Relief and the glowing testimonials are the people working for the company.  Everyone wants to do the right thing for our clients.

The person leading the operation is Jade Crittenden, the CEO of Timeshare Relief, Inc.

Jade Crittenden, CEO Timeshare Relief

Jade Crittenden, CEO Timeshare Relief

Here’s a short bio:

Born in Sacramento, California, but raised in a small town in Utah, Jade Crittenden has travelled a long way from home to take his role as CEO of Timeshare Relief. Although he’s been with the company since its inception, he brings some outstanding business acumen with him acquired from his years of experience in multiple fields of industry. Certainly one to lead by example, Jade always keeps busy with one endeavor after another. Until recently, he opened and operated his own graphic display business with his wife, Gina. He’s also worked with an international marketing firm based in Chicago, as well as spending a number of years working for Texas Instruments in Germany. Jade also is an accomplished academic, bilingual in English and German, and having earned his B.S. in Economics from University of Utah and his MBA in International Business from The Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird). While Jade is most often found in the office leading the growing team at Timeshare Relief, he and Gina and their beautiful Border Collie dog, Sydney, are happily getting settled in their new home in Rancho Palos Verdes.

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