Timeshare Fallacy – That You’ll Feel Obligated To Use It

Some timeshare owners rationalize in their minds to keep their timeshares in order to “force” themselves to take a vacation every year.  “Since I’ve already paid for it, I might as well use it this year,” they think.  Whether this Jedi mind trick is self-inflicted or implanted by an off-handed remark by a timeshare salesperson, it just does not pan out.

  1. It depends on scheduling.  Even some fixed-week plans require reservations and for floating-week, good luck getting a time that’s convenient for both owner and resort.  Life gets in the way.  So, even if you’re “forced” into a vacation, you might not be able to schedule it.
  2. Do you really want the stress of a MUST vacation?  Work, family, faith and health are already enough to deal with than to add what should be relaxing – vacation time.  If you don’t obligate yourself by buying a timeshare, guess what, you won’t have to force yourself into doing anything for your vacations.
  3. Like gym memberships, business opportunities, weight-loss programs, and the like, we all want the result but rarely will we follow through to achieve it.  Know yourself…if you’re disciplined enough to take a vacation every year, join a vacation club like Carefree Journeys or rent a timeshare.  Don’t get stuck with ever rising maintenance fees and “forced” special assessment costs.  If you’re not disciplined, like most of us, you’ll end up feeling stressed about the money you put up for the timeshare and not use it.

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