Timeshare Relief Continues “Get Out Of My Timeshare” Seminar Tour

Timeshare Relief proudly announces the continuation of The “Get Rid of Your Timeshare” Seminars.  The educational seminars have helped thousands of timeshare owners make informed decisions about their timeshares, specifically why it is so difficult to get rid of timeshares.  The timeshare resale market has been historically unkind to those that want to resell.  Documentation from main stream media sources and governmental agencies will be provided.  The tour moves through seven states (CT, IA, IL, MA, MO, NE and RI) March 13-16, 2009.

The intended audience for the “Get Rid of Your Timeshare” seminars is those timeshare owners looking to part with their timeshares.  Many previous attendees have attempted in earnest to sell, list, donate and rent their timeshares, yet have been disappointed with the results.  Some have taken extreme measures of disregarding payment notices with sometimes dramatically dire consequences.  So, they have toiled in silence and resigned themselves to paying their obligation of annual maintenance fees and the occasional special assessment fees.  With the economy the way it is today, the financial burden has been heavy.

Timeshare owners who are looking for alternative means to get rid of their timeshare are encouraged to join one of the seminars in their local marketplaces.  Pre-registration is required.  Please call 866-797-0535 for more inforamtion.

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