Timeshare Sales – Investigative Reporting

The Washington DC ABC affiliate WJLA-7 did an investigative report on an 85 year-old woman who was sold a $39,000+ timeshare through Wyndham Resorts.  Turns out she had already purchased one before and was upsold to a new unit with a points system.  The reporter called Wyndham and the woman received back her money. See the video here.

Why are these timeshares even being sold that these elevated type prices?  The rental & resale market are flooded already as it is.  Can anyone afford these prices these days? CEOs are delivering pizzas for pete’s sake!

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  1. […] Posted on April 8, 2009 by timesharerelief40 WJLA-7 in Washington DC ran a story last week of an elderly couple in Maryland paying $80,000 for a timeshare they never intended to buy from […]

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