Did You Know Holiday Inn Has Timeshares

Keep in mind that all the major hotel chains (Wyndham, Hilton, Marriot) have timeshare divisions.  When times were booming, these divisions represented very profitable, if not the most profitable divisions of the companies.  So, it’s no surprise that Holiday Inn have a timeshare division as well.  The Holiday Inn Vacation Club Timeshares announced a ski-in, ski-out resort at the foot of Vermont’s Ascutney Mountain.

Why are timeshare divisions booming?  The on-going maintenance fees are a residual revenue stream that is a known revenue stream that can be increased from year to year.  A fully sold resort can pay for itself and be leveraged to build more resorts easily.

In the end, timeshare owners pay the bill.  For those that go on vacations consistently over a decade or more, they gain a decent value for their vacation dollar at these brand name resorts.  It’s arguable whether the same value could be achieved through other means like rentals and discount travel clubs.  Regardless, for those that do not go consistently, the cost far outweigh the benefits.  And too often owners wait until they HAVE to sell not knowing that the timeshare resale market is not a good one for sellers (even with brand name resorts).

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