Do Not Be Made A Fool By Your Timeshare

Although there are many pranks going around today, we would like to use today to think about your situation as a timeshare owner.

– Is it foolish to continue to pay ever rising maintenance fee costs and be obligated year-in year-out for these fees whether you go to the resort or not?

– Is it foolish to think that you will not receive a hefty special assessment bill from your financially ailing timeshare in order to keep it running during this economic crisis?

– Is it foolish to imagine using your timeshare every year without question in order to make the cost of your timeshare less than if you simply rented or stayed in luxury suites?

– Is it foolish not to get rid of your timeshare when all it is doing taking money out of your pocketbook?

– Is it foolish to think that the timeshare resale market will actually get better when in fact it has progressive become harder and harder to resell individual timeshares?

If you have not called Timeshare Relief for a free review of your timeshare, go ahead and call today 866-797-0535.

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