Timeshare Touts in Cypress

It seems as if the timeshare promoters of timeshares in Cypress, a common vacation spot for the British, have increased their aggressiveness with “touts” – getting people to come to timeshare presentations.  They have entered hotels and other public venues accosting visitors and angering business owners & managers.  The rise in the level of aggressiveness seems to stem from the slow-down of the economy and having fewer people attend presentations resulting in few sales.

As a reminder to those readers of this weblog, there’s a reason for the aggressive style of timeshare promoters – the profitability of timeshares.  Marketers and sales people can make a fortune selling timeshare without regard to future customer support.  Resorts need owners in order to collect the annual maintenance fees that are contracted to go on for decades, potentially in perpetuity.

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