Why So Many People End Up as Timeshare Owners

There’s a reason why so many timeshare owners end up distressed about their timeshare purchase – the presentation.  There are many testimonials as well as stories on the internet that document the high pressure and hypnotizing sales environment.  When it gets to the Washington Post, there must be something to it.  Here are some excerpts from an article by Ilyce R. Glink with Samuel J. Tamkin:
Why do so many people buy timeshares? If the presentation they endure is anything like the one we sat through, the answer is easy: It’s compelling and overwhelming.


Can you make it pay? Sure, but as with everything, some folks will be better at it than others.

Some people will remember to book 12 months out, and others will be disappointed that their weeks of choice are filled and will have to use their points at different times.


We shook hands with Ken, took our $100 resort gift card and walked out. But as I walked down the steps back into the 80-degree heat, I could easily see why so many people say yes — and why most folks would be far better off saying no.

Click here to go to the article in its entirety

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