“Get Out of Your Timeshare” Presentations in 7 States May 1-4

Our Timeshare Relief personal consultants are already in seven states to meet with timeshare owners who are looking to get rid of their timeshares this weekend, May 1 – 4.  The states include California, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Florida, Hawaii and Alabama.  Although the summer is here, many timeshare owners will not be able to use their timeshares due to job loss, loss of hours, loss of income, etc.  Yet, they’ll still have to pay their maintenance fees.  Now is the best time to get that timeshare out of your name!  If you cannot attend the Timeshare Relief events this weekend, please call our offices at 866-797-0535 and make a future appointment or schedule a consultation in the privacy of your own home as we can do telephone presentations.

3 Responses

  1. Where can I find out which cities you guys are going to be in specifically?

    • Please call our offices for our specific schedule and to see if you pre-qualify. The phone numbers are 866-797-0535 or 800-588-1582. If phone lines are busy, please call back.

    • What they will offer you Aaron, is this. You will pay them to take it off your hands (may or may not happen smoothly or at all, based on other blogs), then they will transfer it to one of their subsidiary companies that 1. May resell it deeply discounted to the resort developer for resale 2. May offer your unit and week to it’s subsidiary company that offers the public “resort enjoyment without the hassle of ownership.” 3, Rent the unit at a lower rate than another timeshare owner who just wants to make up part some of their maintenance fees.

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