The Value of Timeshare Relief – Time & Peace of Mind

Timeshare Relief Peace of MindIn speaking to tens of thousands of timeshare owners, Timeshare Relief has a unique perspective of the timeshare resale market.  The opinions expressed are often not seen or heard because many timeshare owners feel trapped with their payments and somewhat embarrassed by their situations.

They have paid the upfront fees of resale brokerages and listing companies.  They’ve waited and waited for a buyer to magically arrive to purchase their timeshares, only to find another maintenance fee bill in their mailbox because another year had passed.  They’ve paid for appraisals that did not yield offers.  They’ve tried to donate their timeshares only to be rejected when the charities run their own market analysis and find out that the timeshares have no value.  Not only have these owners wasted money, but valuable time dealing with a problem that originally started as a paradise.

Timeshare Relief offers an innovative solution to timeshare owners who want to get rid of their timeshares.  The most important fact about this solution is that Timeshare Relief guarantees their clients that their clients’ timeshares will be transferred out of their names so that they will never have to pay another maintenance fee, special assessment, timeshare taxes, exchange fees, etc. ever again.  Timeshare Relief began this guarantee when they first launched the company and the same guarantee exists today over 5 years later.  The longevity of the company, the commitment to customer satisfaction and great people working for Timeshare Relief have made the company stand out head and shoulders above the industry.

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