Timeshare Imploded!

Photo by Jim Peterlin

Photo by Jim Peterlin

The Colony Plaza in Ococee, Florida was originally a hotel designed to provide accommodations to Orlando and Disneyworld.  After changing ownerships numerous times, it finally became a timeshare complex with approximately 500 owners.  Then, about a decade ago, the sprinkler system became unstable and the building was shut down because of the fire hazard.  So, after ten years of abandonment, theft and being a general eyesore to the community, the Colony Plaza was imploded.  Remarkably, some timeshare owners still have ownership.

We wonder how much the maintenance fees are now?

To see more pictures, click here.

2 Responses

  1. i wonder how the timeshare contract works when its been imploded. haha. i cant believe there are still people with ownership! were they not notified?

  2. I highly doubt the timeshare owners are going to be still bound to their contract….some compensation would be good too.

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