Timeshare Relief – The First and Final Way To Get Rid of Your Timeshare

Timeshare Relief, IncAre you a timeshare owner looking for some timeshare relief?  No matter the reason, getting rid of a timeshare right now can be a real nightmare!  There are plenty of ways that seem like possible solutions to your timeshare problem, but especially in this economy, many of them frankly do not pan out.  So, go with a sure thing on your first try and stop wasting valuable time and money.

The first thing you realize when you attempt to rid yourself of your timeshare is how difficult it is to do it on your own.  Yet, many agents and listing companies over-promise and under-deliver on the high fees they charge.  Even most charities will not take a timeshare any longer.  They are finding them just as hard to move as anyone else, and they certainly do not want to get stuck with maintenance fees that they cannot afford.

There are more and more developers who are renting their unused timeshare inventory for less than owners’ annual maintenance fees.  This discovery has outraged a great deal of owners.  First, the resort itself competes against the owners for renters with discounted rates.  Secondly, owners are forced to lower their rent to match offers.  Lastly, when you take into account the fact that people can rent significantly cheaper than they can buy, it makes sense that selling a timeshare is a problem.

Similarly, you will find that even people who like the idea of timeshares aren’t buying them anymore.  With the downturn in the economy, traveling is quickly becoming a luxury.  While we travel to see relatives and loved ones, we are forgoing the leisure destinations.  Therefore, across the board, owners are trying to get rid of their timeshares.  Competition for the rare buyer is fierce.  Unless you can offer something that thousands of others do not, you will not get a deal.

So if listing your timeshare doesn’t work, donating it doesn’t work, and you can’t even rent it, what’s left?  There is hope.  Use Timeshare Relief!  We’ll transfer the timeshare out of your name so that you will never have to pay another maintenance fee again.  What’s more we guarantee this timeshare transfer transaction to our clients.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept timeshares that are not paid in full.  Other qualifications may apply.  But call or contact us immediately before another maintenance fee or special assessment bill hits your mailbox!

Timeshare Relief Hotline: 1-866-797-0535

Remember that there are plenty of benefits to dumping your timeshare, and none whatsoever to hanging on to one that you never use!  You’ll never need to pay those hefty maintenance fees again, and you will have a huge load off your mind. The issue of getting rid of a timeshare can really weigh you down, so take action today.

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  1. I finally decided to give you guys a call today. i was impressed with your agents. Very professional

  2. The concept of timeshare relief has attracted many resort developers and prominent hoteliers. Vacation ownership has proven to be lucrative for stakeholders in these major resort families, due to its popularity with vacation-goers. Timeshare homes are good in that you will be in a conducive environment that is similar to that at your home so you will be able to enjoy your vacation without disturbances unlike when you are at a hotel where you have to put up with other customers.

  3. With a timeshare you will not need to plan where you are going to go or where you are going to stay on vacation and you will not need to make any reservations. So renting a timeshare house means that you will be able to cook for yourself, spend some quality time with your family, thus you will certainly be at home away from home. Now that certainly sounds good, making timeshare homes a good choice.

  4. One of the issues to consider in owning a timeshare is its worth. You surely want to get a good rough estimate on your timeshare. Make sure that you hire a reputable company to appraise your timeshare.

  5. Nice idea. Hope you could help others more.

    More power!

  6. I saw an ad for timeshare relief on this blog and decided to call for more information. The webinar I went to was very informative. I would definitely recommend that to everyone to listen in to. I’m still deciding whether or not I want to use TSR, but everyone sounds good so far!

  7. Yes, there are many ways to get rid of timeshares and none of them is easy. It seems like it’s easy to rent out your timeshare unit but in reality it’s just like reselling it. It’s hard to find someone to get interested in your timeshare.

    • Agreed. In reselling or renting a timeshare, you will need to advertise without a guarantee of finding a buyer/renter. You could end up spending more money than necessary to get rid of your timeshare. Go with Timeshare Relief and get it done right away.

  8. How unjust it is to hear that some timeshare developers rent out less than the owners’ annual maintenance fee. With this, there’s no reason to keep that timeshare anymore. Get rid of it!

  9. I agree that getting rid of timeshare is a real nightmare. Yes, make sure that the option to get rid of your timeshare is a sure thing. Otherwise, it will cost you more time and money.

  10. It’s good to hear that there are now more timeshare transfer companies. They’re really a big help to those owners who are desperate already to get rid of their timeshares.

    • Timeshare Relief is the diamond standard bearer of the timeshare transfer industry that has seen many companies come and go during the 5 years that Timeshare Relief has been in business. Timeshares are extremely difficult to get rid of and the evidence is seen in the number of people and businesses that have tried to do what Timeshare Relief does and guarantees its clients. It is unique in its commitment to its clients and making things right.

  11. Having a timeshare is like having a debt that you don’t when and by how much the interest would increase. The annual maintenance fess can be compared to these interest. Sometimes they just increase without the knowledge of the owner.

  12. Glad I came back to this site some new very interesting items which I wanted to know more about. Great work on your site.

  13. In choosing which timeshare transfer company to go with, the owner should choose one that has a good track record. He/she can also verify the existence of these companies to the government agencies responsible for business registration. In this way, the owners can protect themselves from scammers.

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  15. Well, this site really educates me on timeshare deals. I was enlightened about how to get rid of a timeshare. Aside from, this site also recommends credible timeshare transfer companies that will help the timeshare owners to get rid of their timeshares.

  16. Getting rid of a timeshare is not easy. Much more if you do it alone. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of owners trying to get rid of their timeshare property. If you’re one of these owners, stop wasting your time and effort getting of your timeshare all alone. You’d better hire a timeshare transfer company and see quick results.

  17. It’s nice to know innovative companies that help solve the plights of the average consumers. The Timeshare Relief Inc. is really a big help for the timeshare owners. This company give light to the impossibility of getting rid of a timeshare.

  18. The recent economic downturn really made the timeshare ownership impractical. That’s why there are more and more owners wanting to get rid of their timeshares. There are many ways mentioned to get rid of it. However, as most owners testified, only a few of these seems to work. I’m glad I’d discover this site. I just can’t wait to try the services of this Timeshare Relief and eventually get rid of my timeshare.

  19. Well said…Timeshare Relief has truly helped a timeshare owner once again! Congratulations!

  20. Nowadays, every other company claims that they are the best in the timeshare industry. I’ve research a little about the Timeshare Relief and I have read some articles that support its claim that it is the market leader in timeshare transfer industry such as its recognition during the 28th Annual Inc. 500 celebration of the Inc. Magazine as the No. 318 fastest growing, private company in the US. The annual Inc. 500 is an exclusive ranking of US’s fastest-growing private companies. So, in getting rid of my timeshare, why would I settle for anything less? I believe this company would really help me get rid of my timeshare.

  21. Getting rid of a timeshare can be a real nightmare. I own one in Florida and as time goes by, it seems like it’s impractical to hang on to that property anymore. I’m glad I’ve read this article. I have tried every possible solution there is in getting rid of my timeshare and nothing seems to work. I can’t wait to consider the services of Timeshare Relief to eventually get rid of my timeshare.

  22. Having a timeshare at this economic climate can financially drain the owner. There could be more other forms of vacation that is budget-wise than timeshare ownership. I have friends who own a timeshare and have regretted their purchased. Their problem now is how to get rid of it. This is a great article. I will recommend the Timeshare Relief to my friends who own a timeshare.

  23. Selling a timeshare is definitely one of the major challenges of timeshare owners at these times after they had complained about the rising costs of maintenance fees. In most cases, the maintenance fees are extremely high that it became impractical to own a timeshare anymore. As a result, its not a question of how one can sell his/her timeshare. It’s more of how one can get rid of it. The services of Timeshare Relief would be a big help to these owners. Based on the testimonies of their former clients, they provide an excellent exit strategy to get rid of a timeshare.

  24. The timeshare owners nowadays feel like there is no way out. Many of timeshare owners who tried to get rid of their timeshares have been scammed and taken advantage of. This made the owners distrust the timeshare transfer companies. I hear a lot about the Timeshare Relief and based on my research about this company, it had assisted many timeshare owners get relief from their timeshare ownership hardships and have some sort of peace in their lives. I believe this company is for real and their goal is to really help those dissatisfied owners get rid of their timeshares.

  25. Most owners said that a timeshare is a liability instead of an asset. After the purchase, it was then that they realized about the disadvantages of owning a timeshare. Maintenance fees are always unexpected. Usually, they go high without notice. In getting rid of it, they hope that they can recover some costs that they had paid for that property. The Timeshare Relief would be a great help to those owners who find it impossible to sell their timeshares on their own.

  26. Timeshares should supposedly trim the vacation costs and save money for the owner. These are the usual things that I’ve heard during timeshare sales pitches. I recently purchased one despite the economic condition but I usually hear complaints from other owners that this is a costly expense that don’t live up to their expectations. I’m just beginning to see this reality. I’m glad that there are companies like the Timeshare Relief. This can help me get rid of my timeshare if ever this property proves to be a burden to me in the future.

  27. Owning a timeshare is too much of a hassle. The property is usually overpriced with those hefty maintenance fees. It is more trouble than its worth. Often, the buyers of this property were mislead by the developer’s sales force about its resale value. In reality, selling it can really be tiresome. What the timeshare transfer companies do is they walk you through the process of getting rid of a timeshare and eventually it will be out of your name.

  28. If you have attended a timeshare sales presentation, the timeshare resorts will tell you how fantastic owning one could be. What these timeshare companies fail to tell you is that timeshares come with a lot of minuses. Maintenance fee is just one of the disadvantages. There are also hidden fees like special assessment fees that will cover the unexpected costs. No wonder why that there is increasing number of owners who want to get rid of their timeshares. I hope that the Timeshare Relief would be able to help more owners in getting rid of their timeshares.

  29. I currently own a timeshare and decided to sell it. It was then that i realized how hard it is to sell a timeshare. I have tried every possible option in selling a timeshare and nothing seems to work out. I am even considering now to donate my timeshare just to get rid of it. Upon reading this article, I have heard already about the Timeshare Relief as one of the fastest growing firms in the US. Maybe, I should consider their services.

    • Hello Charles,

      Just sign up for our complimentary online live educational webinar. Meet and hear from one of our expert timeshare advocates. You can call into the office at 1-866-797-0535. If your timeshare qualifies, Timeshare Relief guarantees that the timeshare will be taken out of your name, so that you can finally stop paying for the timeshare.

      — Bobby

  30. At this time of global recession seeking for a right timeshare company is very practical. But beware about the scam. I am so glad about your post, very informative and gives a lot of idea about timeshare. Timeshare Relief, I will recommend this one to my friends.

  31. In Europe, a lot of people are actually giving their timeshare back to the resort just to get away from the maintenence fee.

    • Timeshare companies may or may not accept timeshares back. In many cases, this is not happening; hence, the need for Timeshare Relief services.

      Timeshare Relief is currently not accepting European timeshares and cannot address issues concerning those timeshares.

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  34. How many of these replies did you guys write yourselves? They all sound like ads.

  35. What will I be compensated when I transfer title to my Goldenwoods Condo to Timeshare Relief ?

  36. HELP…We live in Australia, how can we contact you for help?

    • We currently do not have offices in Australia. If you can, give us a call at +1.866.797.0535 any time from 6am to 7pm Pacific Time (-8 GMT). Let’s see if we can help you. I recommend using Skype to save on the call.

  37. I’ve never been involved in a Timeshare but I’ve heard many horror stories of people who have! Surely there should be more rules and regulations in place to protect people but it’s been going on for decades. Best Regards, James.

  38. Secondly, owners are forced to lower their rent to match offers.

  39. Thanks for posting. I’ve been wanting to get rid of a timeshare for a while. Like you say, it’s easier to rent than it is to buy.

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