Disney Poised To Open 4 More Timeshare Properties This Year Despite Global Recession

Jason Garcia of the Orlando Sentinel writes in a recent article that Walt Disney will be opening 3 timeshare properties in Central Florida and one in California this year.  While this is not new news, the article contains some note-worthy facts:

– The launches of all the time-share properties “constitute the most ambitious expansion yet for Disney Vacation Club, Disney’s 17-year-old time-share unit

– Sales at the Celebration-based time-share business fell during the three months that ended March 28 — the first quarterly decline Disney has recorded at its time-share arm in at least 3 ½ years.

– The time-share unit generated roughly 10 percent of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts’ total operating profit during the company’s most recent fiscal year, or an estimated $190 million.

The last stat is on the one side rather surprising given that Disney revenue comes from so many sources, like their theme parks, movies (including Pixar), retail items and stores, and licensing agreements.  But when you consider the profitability of timeshares, it’s not surprising that timeshares contribute a significant share to the bottom line of the multi-billion-dollar corporation.

The continuation of the opening of four properties this year emphasizes the profitability of timeshares for developers.  Prices for the Disney timeshare units will START at $18,000 with a monthly maintenance fee.

For the entire article, click here.

One Response

  1. wow theyre looking to expand? are timeshares still profitable? i thought that was a thing of the past. its also insane that timeshares make up only 10% of disneys overall profit and that equals 190 million. damn.

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