Even High Priced Timeshares Can Cause Owners Concern

Timeshare owners at the Aviara resort in Carlsbad have found themselves in the middle of battle between the owner of the resort, Broadreach Capital Partners, and the property management, currently provided by the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Broadreach is not happy with the way that the Four Seasons has managed thehotel portion of the property and the situation has reached a point where an artibtrator has been called in to see if Broadreach can change management companies.

For timeshare owners of the resort, this may mean the loss of the 5-star brand that they thought they were forever buying. Caught in the crossfire of this dispute, many are worried that their “investments” will lose significant value as well as amenities afforded to them by the hotel portion of the resort. Even after the arbitration is finished, the Four Seasons will still maintain management of the timeshare portion of the resort. However, if it loses the contract for the hotel, the timeshare portion would follow presumably once the contract ends.

The timeshare properties originally cost between $20,000 to $55,000. Yet, current listings show some units for as low as $5,995. Actual sales data are not provided. Management fees for each timeshare week go for around $2,000!

For the original article about this story, click here.

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