Timeshare Relief Donates to Four Charities of Choice

Timeshare Relief recently gave charitable donations to four sizable non-profit organizations that have become the “Charities of Choice” for the company.  The co-founders of the company David MacMillan and Cindy Martin MacMillan chose the four charities personally that they felt had a broad impact on the community.  They are City of Hope, Habitat for Humanity International,  Humane Society of the United States, and The Mayo Clinic.

The MacMillans and the executives at Timeshare Relief firmly believe in supporting these charities because all the organizations are focused on helping others much like Timeshare Relief.  Furthermore, the charities are able to aid a broader audience whereas Timeshare Relief provide relief for timeshare owners.

“Timeshare Relief has helped tens of thousands of owners within the timeshare community over the years,” said Cindy Martin MacMillan. “It’s been a pleasure to positively affect so many lives and to broaden the effect by giving back to the community at large with these ‘Charities of Choice.'”

The MacMillans stress that this donation is just the beginning of their support for their designated Charities of Choice.

“We are contributing to our Charities of Choice because one day we all are not going to be here any longer, and what really matters is to leave the world a slightly better place than how we found it,” added David MacMillan. ” All our ‘Charities of Choice’ subscribe to such a philosophy and go the extra mile. We’re proud to associate ourselves with them and commit to an on-going cycle of contributions to these fine organizations.”

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