A Great Alternative to Timeshares

Timeshare Relief specializes in the transfer of timeshares and is in contact with thousands of timeshare owners every month.  Our representatives, advocates, customer service, internet team and executive staff hear all the stories — both good and bad — about timeshare experiences.  Obviously, there are those who love their timeshare and use them.  They are getting great use out of their purchases.  But then are those that we know are completely unprepared as timeshare owners.  They end up not understanding their timeshare purchases and the financial responsibilities that go with the timeshare.  Often, they want to get rid of their timeshare ASAP.

So, if you’re looking at purchasing a timeshare or just want a different way to travel, don’t jump into timeshares until you try a home exchange.  People around the world make their homes available for lodging for your vacation in exchange for staying at your home for their vacation.  Typically this does take some coordination between the parties involved but you can find some great homes in places where you would like to stay.  And because it’s an exchange, it’s typically free!  To find out more do a search for “home exchange” on your favorite search engine.

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