Timeshare Donation Brokers – Not Always a Savior

Yesterday, we discussed why many charitable organizations are no longer taking timeshare donations.  Today, we broaden that topic to discuss some of the companies that offer a chance to contact many non-profit organizations in order for timeshare owners to get rid of their timeshares. 

There probably are some good timeshare donation broker companies out there, just like Timeshare Relief has a solid reputation in the timeshare transfer industry.  So, do your own due diligence.  Make sure that the company has a strong track record over 4-5 years.  Review their Better Business Bureau rating.  Many forums that have many anonymous or pseudonym userids with either negative or super-positive posts probably have their own agenda…so take the information knowing that it could come from a competitor or from within the company.

Realize that most of the donation brokers will want to perform a market analysis to supposedly see what your timeshare is worth.  In my opinion, this market analysis really doesn’t mean much.  Developers can show what people are paying for their timeshares, but they have professional salespeople selling.  Even local governments do not understand that for most people, timeshares are simply liabilties — can you imagine if I offered you to pay me every year for something that you didn’t use.  How much would that be worth?

When you sign up for your market analysis, you provide all the information about your timeshare.  Guess what?  You also provide them with the perfect information that timeshare brokers who buy & sell timeshares want.  These aren’t necessarily timeshare DONATION brokers.  They’re listing companies, real estate agents, timeshare developers, and anyone who would like a list of timeshare owners.

So, if you EVER sign up with a timeshare donation company, make sure that you read their privacy policy.  They should never be able to sell, rent, lend, barter, etc. your information about you or your timeshare.  Otherwise, be prepared for telemarketers that disturb your dinner every night!

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