Timeshare Upgrades or Take Over of Payments

There’s a dirty little secret within the timeshare industry that timeshare owners should be aware of.  Although the practice has been dwindling, all owners should watch out for the timeshare upgrade offer or offers that will supposedly take over the payments of your current timeshare.  You’ll sometimes receive offers in the mail or by phone to instantly upgrade your timeshare, or some fantastic offer to take over your current payments.

Think about this…why would ANY company want to give you a free upgrade?  A being a loyal customer?  Those days have long since past.  Here’s what will happen…

You’ll be offered the upgrade for an upgraded price.  The price will seem reasonable since you’re getting a huge upgrade for just a little more.  Heck, they’ll even throw in your original unit for a $1.  So you do the deal…guess what you now have two timeshares with two maintenance fees and the possibility of two special assessments anytime!  That’s not an upgrade, that’s getting you to give the developer more of your hard earned dollars.

As for taking over payments, again, think about it, why would any company or person who you don’t know want to do this?  They’ll simply take your problem for nothing?  It won’t happen.  Check the BBB to see if a company is legit and that it have a 4-5 year track record.  See if they tell you who owns the company and who represents the company.  It comes down to transparency and whether or not they have helped others in the past.  Do business with companies that do good business for your timeshare relief.

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    • Hello I would like to take over payments for someones timeshare with at least 10,000 points please e-mail me asap.

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