Timeshares Aren’t Just for Accommodations

The timeshare industry typically refers to the resort-like accommodations at favorite vacation spots.  However, as luxury items have grown in popularity, like private jets, yachts, and even timeshare cars, these items are also being provided to clientele that want the lifestyle without paying the outright cost of these amenities.  We’ve even seen timeshare pets!!

These programs are often rental programs with the “timeshare” label.  They may or may not have a long-term contract, and hopefully no contracts in perpetuity (as in many timeshare resort contracts).  Like timeshare units, make sure that you’ll use the timeshare in order to get the maximum benefit.  Otherwise, you may end up with another timeshare that you don’t want.  And no, Timeshare Relief cannot take any airplanes.

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