Timeshare Relief Telephone & Online Presentations

Timeshare Relief Tess CruzeAlthough many people like to meet personally with our traveling team of friendly and expert consultants, there are times when it is not possible to meet face-to-face.  So, being the forward thinking company that it is, Timeshare Relief developed a system for people to not only listen to a presentation but to see one as well with their computers sitting in the comfort of their own home!

Each participant in our online presentations is provided a personal host who is also a timeshare expert.  The hosts will call before the presentation time to give each participant instructions on how to be part of the presentation.  Afterwards, every host is available to answer questions and review what Timeshare Relief can do to help with their timeshare(s).

These presentations are provided for free, but we do request that participants keep their assigned time slots as they are limited and the company does have many timeshare owners who want the information.

Timeshare owners who wish to be part of the online presentations need only call the office at 1-866-797-0535.

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