Alternatives to Time shares – Vacation Clubs

There’s a big debate out there between time shares and vacation clubs.  Both have strong proponents and some venom for the other side.  Know that part of the tussle is due to money and marketing.  Vacation clubs have to rail against timeshares because they are the market leader in resort “properties”.  They need a starting point.  Timeshares see vacation clubs like an annoying kid brother that tries to imitate everything they do, but can’t.

But what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a vacation clubs?

– No long-term contract: vacation club owners have to pay an annual membership fee, instead of an annual maintenance fee.  The fees are usually similar in cost.  The difference is that if a club owner decides that he wants out, he simply doesn’t pay the membership fee the next year.  Timeshare owners must get rid of their timeshare deed in order to stop paying on maintenance fees.

– Choices: Decent vacation clubs have an assortment of locales and resorts to choose from.  The pricing is competitive to timeshare ownership in many cases.  You may not get exactly the same resort if you like one, but they say that variety is the spice of life.

– No home resort or location: If you like going to one specific spot and stay in the same condo every year, you probably cannot get that with a vacation club.  Vacation clubs effectively lease out units, so getting the same one probably won’t happen.

– Perceived lesser value: Because timeshares comes with deeds and vacation clubs do not, people think that they are getting less with a club than a timeshare.  But since timeshares are so difficult to sell anyway, it’s not much of a disadvantage unless you really care about what other people think.

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  2. vacation club is definitely a very good akternative for timeshare. however it has some pros as well as cons. however if you are fond of visiting the same resort again and again then vacation club will definitely not be a good option as you will get now surroundings as the time passes by.

  3. I actually have owned timeshares for over 15 years and still own one with Wyndham. I’ve enjoyed them, but am tired of the yearly increase in maintenance fees and taxes, and I don’t always have enough points to go where I want to go. Forget about trying to sell it — and if you don’t pay the maintenance fees, they report it to your credit. A year ago I bought a vacation club membership, and have had great success with booking condo vacations to the destinations I want. I only pay $150/annual membership fee to renew (compared to over $600 for my timeshare ownership), and I can take as many weeks as I want. I only pay for the week when I want to go. I can also get weeks for my family and friends. I just got a 2-bedroom condo for 7 days for my sister in Florida for $199 for the whole week. I also get great deals on hotels, cruises and vacation packages. Before you lock yourself into a lifetime contract with high maintenance fees on a timeshare, check out I love to travel and take weekend trips, and I can go anytime I want with my MORVacations membership.

  4. Has anyone heard of Global vacation network? Just wondering how reputable they are.

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