Come Visit With Timeshare Relief As the Summer Closes

With summer coming to an end and kids & grandkids going back to school, the high season for timeshares is also concluding for 2009.  Maintenance fee bills are right around the corner as we move into the fall and winter.  So, if you are a timeshare owner that did not use your timeshare and do not foresee using it, why pay for something you are not using?  Come visit with a Timeshare Relief executive consultant this weekend.

Starting today, we’ll be in six states (California, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas) as well as in Alberta Canada!  We enjoy meeting timeshare owners throughout the US and Canada.  Our education is free.  Previous participants have given us high marks for the information.  Some of them have “lived through” our research and verify its validity.  For others, it is an eye-opening experience.

So, stop trying to resell, rent, or donate your timeshare on your own.  Come and see what Timeshare Relief can offer.  To schedule a time to meet an executive consultant, please call our offices at 1-866-797-0535.

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