Don’t Find Ways to Justify a Timeshare Purchase

Once you step onto a timeshare resort that you like, you’re mind is going to think about buying a timeshare there.  Whether you love the location, the architecture, the amenities, activities or service, it’s amazing how quickly that little voice in your head starts to justify a purchase.  Our advice: Silence the voice; Fight the urge.

There are a few justifications that we’ve heard over the years that do not make any sense over time:

“It will FORCE us to go on vacation”
If you have to feel forced on vacation, that force will feel like a heavier and heavier weight as maintenance fees rise and special assessments come in.  You’ll want to be forced out soon.

“We’ll use this timeshare forever!”
Just like gym memberships, diets, money-making opportunities, feelings go away over time and the stark reality of paying for something whether you use it or not will be left.

“It will save us money over time”
If you are a dedicated user of timeshares, this may be true, but you could save that money that you use to buy the timeshare and invest it elsewhere.  Then, take vacations as you choose.

“We can give it to our children when we don’t want it”
Believe us when we say that your children will not want an old, out-of-style timeshare by the time they’ll be ready to inherit it…and they certainly will not want additional bills!

So, when you feel the urge to buy a timeshare, let it pass.  For many of you, you’ll be much happier over time.

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