The Oblivious Timeshare Owner – Inheriting a Timeshare

Many timeshare owners meet with consultants from Timeshare Relief every year, and every year, there are owners who never wanted to be owners in the first place – the children of those who inherited a timeshare.  Their parents had enjoyed the timeshare and perhaps the children had gone a few times.  But now grown with families of their own, these children inherit a timeshare that is really quite foreign to them.  Oftentimes, they do not know of the financial obligations of a timeshare until the maintenance fee comes due.  Even then, it does not dawn on them that the timeshare is not an asset, but is really a liability.

By the time, children inherit a timeshare, the resort is no longer kept up to modern standards.  It is not a place where the next generation would want to stay.  Yet, because of timeshare contracts, these children who inherit the timeshare must continue to pay the maintenance and timeshare associated fees.  So, they end up paying a bill for nothing because they do not want to go to the timeshare.

Janice Borst-Smith was one of those who inherited a timeshare from her parents.  After paying the maintenance fees, she decided that she wanted to get rid of the timeshare.  Yet, she never realized the difficulty she would face.  She came to Timeshare Relief for a solution.  She was so happy that she decided to work with the company to help others who face a similar decision about their timeshares.

6 Responses

  1. good post, i saw a blog post about renting the timeshares to offset the maintenance fees too. does timeshare relief helps owners with that?


    • No, Timeshare Relief helps timeshare owners get rid of their timeshares and to end the hassles of paying maintenance fees and special assessments. It’s difficult to rent a timeshare these days as well.

      • oh ok thanks. we have a site launching soon. In our blog we talk about what we are doing for timeshare owners but is nothing like timeshare relief, i think its a great option or from all i see, the only option to get help from timeshare relief when you wan to get rid of you timeshare.


  2. This is a valuable service and education for the inheriting children. To inherit a yearly bill can be an eye opener. They also have the option to exchange the unit for another somewhere else if they don’t like it. That is what we are working on. Good information.


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