Timeshare Relief is NOT a Listing Company or Timeshare Resales Company

Timeshare Relief Magnifying Glass

Taking a Closer Look...

Timeshare owners that contact Timeshare Relief often ask us if we are a timeshare resales company or a listing company.  The reason for their question is the prevalence of these types of companies that prey upon the hope that many timeshare owners have — The hope that their timeshares still have value in a nearly non-existent timeshare resale market.

These companies are often boiling room type operations that simply take money from timeshare owners and rarely follow through in selling their timeshare.  Fees range from a few hundred dollars to upwards of a couple thousand dollars.  And with economic pressures growing from job losses, reduced incomes, or asset devaluation, more and more of these companies are offering pie-in-the-sky solutions that simply have no merit.

Timeshare Relief is far different than these types of timeshare resales and listing companies.

  • First, they guarantee, in writing, to remove the timeshare-related financial burden from their clients.
  • Secondly, Timeshare Relief has been in business now for 6 years — only solid businesses with outstanding customer service survive and thrive in that period of time.
  • Timeshare Relief also has an “Excellent” rating by the Better Business Bureau, and is now recognized as one of the top small businesses in the country by achieving a ranking on the Inc. 500 list.
  • The company has built a firm foundation of satisfied customers and a time-tested strategy to get rid of timeshares.

Most importantly, Timeshare Relief strives for transparency.  Cindy Martin and David Macmillan are the proud co-founders of the company.  They are prominently highlighted, along with many of the top executives & staff throughout marketing campaigns.  They all stand by the solution that they provide and the true relief that so many timeshare owners desperately need today.

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