Timeshare Relief Focus – Hassle-Free Transactions & Customer Service

One of the reasons for the success of Timeshare Relief is its commitment to customer service.  Since Day One, the focus has always been to help timeshare owners get out of their timeshares as simply as possible. Ever since, we’ve tried to streamline the process more and more so that clients can quickly receive confirmation that they never have to deal Timeshare Relief customer service

Obviously, when dealing with timeshare transactions, not all of them go as smoothly as anyone would want.  Timeshare ownership transfers often require more time than traditional real estate deals as there are more parties involved in each transaction.  So, the company implements a tracking system to make sure that all the transactions go through in a proper fashion.

The customer service department is headed by Dee Barnes, Customer Service Manager.  She and her team gain the most reward by making sure that any issue is resolved as soon as possible.  There’s often a lot of leg-work involved as well as patience.  Overall, the customer service department is dedicated to providing accurate information and a can-do attitude.

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