Timeshare Relief Mends Hole in Pocketbook of Timeshare Owner

After meeting with Timeshare Relief, timeshare owner, Charlie was very happy to eliminate his annual timeshare maintenance fees that were burning a hole in his pocketbook.

Approximately 4 years ago, Charlie took $17,000 and “invested” in a timeshare that ended up being a money guzzler.  In fact, he compares how much cheaper it would have been if he had just paid $200 a night for a luxury hotel room rather than have a timeshare.

It is no wonder then that after his meeting with Timeshare Relief, Charlie had a big smile on his face.  He had managed to stop the financial losses that were a result of being a timeshare owner.  He had no problem paying to get rid of his timeshare.  He simply added it onto the cost of the timeshare, but saw it as a net gain in the long-term.

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