Timeshare Relief Interview with Charlie Part II

In the last video, now a former timeshare owner, Charlie explained how happy he was that he no longer owned his timeshare.

In Part II of our interview, we asked Charlie to explain his arithmetic in how he figured out the solution with Timeshare Relief was the right one for him.

He paid a monthly maintenance fee which totaled $900 a year when added up.  On occasion, his timeshare would charge him a $500 special assessment.  He spent $17,000 on the timeshare upfront.  Had he used the timeshare, each 7 day vacation would have ended up costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $2000-$3000, hardly a bargain.

On camera he does not speak to the fact that over time, had he not worked with Timeshare Relief, he would be charged about a $1000 a year for a timeshare that it seemed he seldom used.  Over just 5 years, that would be $5,000 out of his pocket for nothing.  Over ten years, $10,000 lost.

The final question to Charlie was “How do you feel being done with the timeshare now?”  Charlie’s reponse, “Very good,” with a content laugh.  Timeshare Relief has another very satisfied customer.

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