Do Timeshare Maintenance Fees Ever Decrease?

Timeshare Relief deep thoughtsDuring timeshare presentations, the audience is often shown a chart or some organized way of portraying timeshare costs as being less than comparable luxury hotel accommodations over time.  At least in the past, these comparisons included escalation in hotel costs due to inflation.  But was the consistent rise in maintenance fees ever discussed?  Probably not.  But many timeshare owners have experienced increases in their maintenance fees.

Regardless of the presentation style or exact numbers, the case is made for a timeshare to save money over a period of time if a timeshare owner can consistently go on vacation annually to their timeshare.  This way the new timeshare owner can justify spending the money now in order to save later.

However, one assumption is made in the cost analysis — the price of hotel rooms does not go DOWN.  But during this recession, we know that hotels have lowered costs, sometimes drastically in order to bring in guests. This begs the question, “Do timeshare maintenance fees ever decrease?”  I cannot recall a timeshare owner ever getting a smaller annual maintenance fee bill year-to-future-year.  This would certainly change the cost comparisons between hotels and timeshares.

Just a couple questions to ask your timeshare sales person the next time you find yourself in a timeshare presentation.

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