Timeshare Relief Hears Another Story of Timeshare Dissatisfaction

Tracy & Richard met with Timeshare Relief in Ontario, California.  They had purchased their timeshare about ten years ago in 1999.  During that time their maintenance fees had more than doubled, and the timeshare experience was not what they expected.

When they tried to exchange their timeshare, their desired destinations were usually unavailable to them.

And when they had some financial issues, they thought that they could simply drop the timeshare by not paying for it.  They had heard from others that owning a timeshare was like a lease…that  they really didn’t own it.  Also, the timeshare was located in another country.  So, Tracy & Richard tried not paying.  A month later they received a nasty letter about collecting their payment and sending attorneys after them.

The last straw came when Tracy’s cousin was getting married.  They wanted to give her use of an exchanged timeshare in Las Vegas for the honeymoon.  But instead of exchanging their timeshare, Tracy found a timeshare for rent for $250 for a week.  Tracy found that the timeshare rental had been bought for $45,000.  So instead of exchanging their own timeshare for $1000 ($835 in maintenance fees and $165 in exchange fees), they went with the $250 rental.

Tracy and Richard were glad to get rid of their timeshare using Timeshare Relief.

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