China Provides Warning To Residents About Buying Timeshares

Timeshare Relief China Great WallIt seems as if timeshare companies are creating a stir in China and for Chinese citizens traveling abroad throughout the world.  We found an article from the China Daily that reports about an official from the Chaoyang district administration of industry and commerce and the attempts from their office to warn residents about timeshare scams.

Quoting the article:

“As many as 260 notice boards were set up in busy shopping malls like SOHO Shangdu and The Place, as well as in local communities in Chaoyang district to echo the administration’s month-long campaign to warn consumers about timeshare scams that was launched last weekend.”

A non-profit consumer watch group has received over 200 complaints this year about timeshare contracts in China.  Most of these complaints come from the larger cities in China.  Interestingly, as reported, court cases are difficult to win against the timeshare companies because Chinese law is not well-defined for such cases.

As we all know, there are going to be good and bad within the industry.  So many timeshare contracts are set up for timeshare owners to pay on a long term contract.  It’s enough that fraudulent companies need not enter the space to create more dissension and mistrust in the industry.

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