Remember to Skip the Alcohol Before Attending Any Timeshare Presentation

I passed a billboard last week that took me a minute to understand.  Big bold letters called out:  DTWD.  My much more savvy teenage daughter pointed out that it meant “Don’t Text While Driving.”  Cute.  Of course, I can’t get the hang of texting while I’m sitting at my desk, but that’s ok.  I like the play on the slightly tired slogan, “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

Anyone who has ever imbibed a little too much alcohol at a party and later tried to remember exactly what happened the night before understands why.  Alcohol limits inhibitions.  It impairs our judgment.

More than one timeshare owner has reported free-flowing spirits before and sometimes even during the sales pitch, Timeshare Relief - Timeshare Resort Drinksonly to find themselves with a contract they don’t remember signing.  Not long ago, a hidden camera videotape revealed one company’s sales pitch included serving alcohol.  It’s not illegal, but it’s definitely not wise for the consumer to partake.

Don’t ever buy any time share if you’re offered alcohol prior to or while signing anything.    That’s a good rule of thumb – any company that encourages you to alter your judgment may very well not have your best interest at heart.

You’ll regret your purchase and may have to call Timeshare Relief to get rid of your timeshare for you.

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