Timeshare Resales: Hand Me Down Vacations?

Timeshare Relief golf clubsIn this economy, most families are learning to save pennies wherever they can.  Fashionable consignment stores have sprung up in even the most metropolitan of cities, selling brand-name clothing at a fraction of the retail price.  Other resale stores sell everything from sports equipment, furniture, and wedding dresses, to high chairs, electronics and kitchenware.

Depending on what you need, buying a used item saves money-sometimes as little as 10-15%, often as much as 50%.  Timeshare properties are no exception.  Owners are often looking to get rid of timeshares.

Timeshare developers accumulate significant marketing related expenses – primarily through costly timeshare promotions which offer free giveaways in exchange for consumer attendance at high-pressure timeshare sales pitches. Even if you don’t attend a timeshare presentation, when you purchase directly from a resort, you pay to absorb all of the administrative and marketing costs associated with the sale of the property. When buying from a current owner, you pay only the fair market value of the timeshare – a price that’s often 65 percent less than the developer’s price.

However, unlike buying golf clubs, the price for a timeshare also includes future debt- the amount of money you will be required to pay in the future – from annual maintenance fees to surprise surcharges that you might not expect.  Regardless of where you buy, do your homework.

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