Don’t You Love Your Kids? The Timeshare Hard-Sell

That’s the question that most rankled one prospective timeshare owner at a recent timeshare presentation.

“Of course I do,”  he answered.

“Then why wouldn’t you want them to grow up with such wonderful vacation memories?”

Granted, not every timeshare presentation uses manipulative sales techniques, but a few do.

Here are some common tools used during time share presentations:

An appeal to the emotions (see above)

Limited Time Offer  – if you walk out of the door, you can’t get the same deal tomorrow.

Everyone is doing it – some presentations are even known to plant another couple in the room who enthusiastically sign.

It will just take an hour – or two or three.  If they told you it would take three hours, you’d never agree.  You’ll notice there are no clocks in the room and sometimes alcohol is offered.  The bottom line is this:  the longer you are there, the more likely you are to buy.

A solution for that problem.  For every objection you come up, they will have at least four or five solutions.  You don’t have the money, they can help you find financing.

Promises, promises.  Regardless of what the salesperson says, if it isn’t written in the contract, it isn’t true.

Remember that timeshare salespeople are trying to make a living – sometimes their only source of income is the commission they earn from those sales (though they can be as high as 60% of the bill).  Still, buyer beware!

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