Timeshare Sales Tactic – Limited Offer, Today Only!

Timeshare Relief clockWhether you’ve been sold a vacuum cleaner, or a gym membership, or even a timeshare property, you are familiar with this phrase:  “today only.”  In other words, buy it right this very instant.  Because if you don’t, the price is going to be astronomical and you will spend the rest of your life wishing you hadn’t walked away from such an incredible offer.

Except maybe it’s not exactly true.  If a deal is legitimate and profitable today, it will be tomorrow, too.  The only reason the buy it now price is such a big deal is so you won’t go home and think about it.  Or ask for advice from an attorney or accountant or someone else you trust.

Here’s one person’s experience.  The salesman said a membership, was $6000.00. We couldn’t afford that, so he said a 10 year was $3999.00 and you have 36 months to upgrade to the lifetime membership. $395.00 down & $91.00 a month. Plus $300.00 in maintenance fees per year.

The catch?  This deal is only good for the day you go.

We asked, “You mean we can’t go home and think about it, and let you know Monday.” He said “Absolutely not, the price then would be $12,000.00.”

It won’t surprise you to learn that two weeks later a friend of his went to the same presentation and the $3999 price was still good.  But just for today.

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