Reminder: Timeshare Relief is Not a Timeshare Resales Company

Recently, there have been many investigations of timeshare resales companies in Florida.  In 2009, complaints of timeshare resales companies topped all other consumer complaints to the Florida Attorney General office.

Because Timeshare Relief markets to timeshare owners directly, the company is often-times grouped together with timeshare resales companies that aggressively target timeshare owners.  We want to let everyone know that Timeshare Relief is NOT a timeshare reseller or timeshare listing company.  Timeshare Relief provides a fee-based service that transfers timeshares out of owners’ names so that they are no longer responsible for the maintenance fees, taxes and special assessments associated with timeshare ownership.  The company does not find buyers for timeshares, nor does it list timeshares for sale as timeshare resales companies do.

Timeshare owners save a lot of time and potentially money by using Timeshare Relief services.  First, for those timeshares that qualify, the service is guaranteed.  In other words, Timeshare Relief guarantees the transfer of a timeshare from the client so that the client will not have to pay timeshare-related fees any longer.  Timeshares that do not qualify such as timeshares that are not paid in full or those timeshares that are not allowed to be transferred are stopped from using the service.  No fees are charged for non-qualified timeshares.

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