Difficulty for Aspen Club’s Timeshare Developments

The Aspen Club & Spa is proposing to build 20 timeshare condos, 12 housing units and an underground parking garage. The Aspen City Council will be holding a public hearing on May 10 to discuss the redevelopments to the Aspen Club.

One concern during the last meeting that Aspen Mayor, Mick Ireland, has is that he would want to prevent the owners from selling properties that have not been completed. Another foreseeable problem that the current managing partner and general manager of the club, Michael Fox, has is that construction financing may be too difficult should the current partnership sell to another owner.

Yet another city council proposed condition is that the club’s current zoning, which allows for single-family homes, be removed upon approval. Fox has gone on to say that if the club is not approved to build these timeshares it is likely that the entire club will be demolished so that single-family homes can be put up in its place.

On top of all this, members of the city council expressed that they would want traffic levels to stay where they are and should traffic levels increase they will implement paid parking as well as a shuttle service. This redevelopment of the Aspen Club to include timeshares was first proposed in 2005, it was then withdrawn and resubmitted in 2008 when it received more promising approval for construction.

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