Timeshare Appraisals, Not the Way to Go

Timeshare Appraisal, Timeshare ReliefA timeshare appraisal is sort of a tricky concept. You see a timeshare is never actually officially appraised to begin with. When a timeshare is sold by a resort it never goes through an appraisal to measure how much the timeshare is worth. In fact when the resort sells a timeshare the price is inflated roughly 50% over the actual value of the timeshare. This is due to the flashy timeshare presentation you sit through and the numerous free gifts you are given just for attending. So if you are thinking about selling your timeshare you should start with a price that is at least less than half of what you paid for it.

Timeshare appraisals are definitely not worth any dollar amount that many online sites will ask for. Online appraisal services are often done by the same resale and listing companies that are taking advantage of distressed timeshare owners. A timeshare appraisal is just one more way for them to squeeze some money out of these owners who just want some timeshare relief. These owners are simply looking to get rid of their timeshares. For those who can accept not being compensated for their timeshare in return for being completely free of the timeshare obligated fees they pay each year a timeshare transfer service is the way to go. A transfer company such as Timeshare Relief can help you get out of that timeshare for good and give you the financial freedom you deserve.

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