Stronger Laws for Timeshares in the Caribbean

Timeshare Relief Bahamas

One of the leading timeshare companies in the world, Interval International has been encouraging stronger regulations in The Bahamas. They are doing this as a way to promote more timeshare business in The Bahamas, this is just one way of boosting visitor arrivals. Exec VP of resort Sales and Marketing, David Gilbert, has said, “We’d like to see laws in place that protect consumers. . . its very good for Caribbean countries to implement constructive legislation, that is not so restrictive that developers can’t build and sell but structured so that it protects the consumer.”

Due to the Bahamas close proximity to the US it makes it the perfect place for this sort of growth. This area of industry has suffered with the recession and this growth can not only expand on the nation’s second home industry but also provide more potential timeshare owners with the Bahama dream.

The major developers are looking for good regulatory environments however, Gilbert says they would not want their project or a project nearby to go bankrupt as that would all be negative publicity to effect their development.  Gilbert was discussing these matters at the annual Caribbean hotel and Tourism Investment conference in Puerto Rico last week.

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